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Our centers and programs provide a warm and relaxed atmosphere for people to explore the beauty of Judaism through classes, lectures, music, touring and Shabbatons. In addition, the centers have paired hundreds of people together (Chavruta) in homes and coffee shops. For many people, young and old, their involvement in the centers becomes a whole new way of life, offering new spiritual and social opportunities, while bridging the gaps in Israeli society.

Many first time visitors come for the music, the atmosphere, or just plain fun, but they wind up leaving with much, much more… A new home away from home, and a return to their ROOTS – their “SHORASHIM”!

After establishing centers in Jerusalem and Haifa, the breakthrough formula to attract hundreds of students, young professionals, adults and teens had been developed. New centers were opened in Hezliya, Pardes Hana and Modi'in and partnerships began with the Israel Defense Forces, University of Haifa and the IDC Hezliya. In each center, the participation is growing at a rapid pace. The number of people who are exploring Judaism at our centers expands weekly. The centers have been instrumental in celebrating hundreds of wedding, holidays and special events across the country.

With your help we can open a center in every city in Israel and create a bright united future for the Jewish people in Israel!
Shorashim Centers
Empowering The Next Generation with Knowledge and Jewish Pride
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"Lectures, meetings and much more...."

Shorashim Centers, founded by Rabbi Meir Schuster Ztz'l in 2001, are learning hubs and meeting places that bring together Jews in Israel from all backgrounds and all levels of observance to embrace our common heritage.

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